Android App Development with Kotlin

In Android Application Development Using Kotlin course, you’ll learn about the capabilities of Android app development and gain the skills you need to improve your chances of landing a job as a software developer and/or become a good asset to your company. You’ll also have an advantage over other developers who are still using outdated tools and Android versions.


By successfully using the AppCompat library, you’ll learn how to develop Android code that works with both the current and previous versions of Android.


This course is created to help you become a successful Android app developer by following along. After completing this course, you will be able to incorporate everything you’ve learnt into your own apps.


What You’ll Learn

➜ The core Android app development and Kotlin skills that you’ll use to build successful Android apps

➜ Building Android apps using Android Studio and Kotlin

➜ The basics of implementing types in Kotlin and describing your app’s object model using Kotlin

 Building real-world Android apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Find My Phone, Calculator… 


➜ All delegates must install the free Google Android Studio tool to their computers

➜ Basic knowledge of Kotlin or a similar programming language is not required but would be very helpful.

➜ Check our Introduction to Kotlin course if you are not ready yet for this one!


Course Outline

Introduction to Course

  • Installing Android Studio
  • Exploring Android Studio templates
  • Setting up your virtual device
Quick Introduction to Kotlin
  • Variables, Types, Conditions, Classes, Objects, Instances… 
  • toString Challenge for Loops and Encapsulation and Private Properties
  • Inheritance 
  • Creating your Kotlin Project
Creating Mobile Applications in Kotlin
  • Revision of the Android platform and Dalvik VM
  • Installing Android Studio and configuring emulators
  • Introducing the sample project for tracking expenses
  • Reverse engineering the sample activities and layouts
  • Performing dependency injection on Android with Dagger 2
  • Persisting application state using the Realm databas