2022 Predictions: Does Kotlin have a future?

Kotlin's Future in 2022

In these first days of 2022, we are all trying to predict the year ahead. One thing is for sure, programming is receiving plenty of attention in today’s environment for its growing demand among programmers.


It seems that programming knowledge will not lose its importance for many years. However, new programming languages come out frequently, and some of them are adopted by all programmers, making old familiar languages a thing of the past. Therefore, it’s imperative that software developers take into account the trends in order to follow the ever-evolving technologies and stay relevant. As Kotlin Institute, we will briefly discuss the future of the Kotlin programming language and whether it will be up-to-date in 2022.

Android Development

Let’s look at the issue from the point of view of Android development. In 2022, learning android development is still very important – maybe even more important. Android applications are used in almost every type of business all over the world, and all leading companies continue to make serious investments in this field. Kotlin is the most popular language for android development. After Google’s announcement, we repeated many times that Kotlin was quickly learned and adopted by android application developers all over the world. Therefore, this year, Kotlin will probably appear most frequently in the field of android application development.
Android App Development with Kotlin Course

In our Android Application Development Using Kotlin course, you’ll discover the capabilities of Android app development and obtain the required skills to increase your chances of landing a job as a software developer or becoming a valuable employee. You’ll also have a leg up on other developers who are still working with old tools and Android versions.

What Will Make Kotlin Popular in 2022?

The following are the Kotlin trends we’ve identified will be prevalent in 2022.


JetBrains came up with Kotlin project 10 years ago and it was alway open-sourced. Kotlin Slack team’s support and advantages of open-source will always be big factors ensuring Kotlin’s popularity. 


Probably one of the biggest reasons why developers love Kotlin is its brevity. The concise design of Kotlin makes a developer’s job easier and reduces the possibility of error.


New API for “coroutines-test” and “dispatcher views” were announced in the new version of Coroutines 1.6 back in December. It also started to support the new Kotlin/Native memory-manager. And the coroutines library is now compiling against the Java 8 target. All these new features of Coroutines excited the Kotlin developers for sure:)


You can learn more about Kotlin Coroutines 1.6.0 by watching this new YouTube video of JetBrains.